Westwinds Communities Focuses on the Future Needs of Affordable Housing Within the Foothills

High River, AB: Westwinds Communities, the leading provider of affordable housing within the Foothills Region, has recently updated their guiding principles – allowing them to further refine their focus and ability to support families and individuals in the Foothills Region. “We recognize the new principles are a tool for our team members to focus on, but the results of our Board of Director’s great work and refined focus impacts the seniors, families and individuals we serve in the community,” says Lauren Ingalls, Chief Administrative Officer, Westwinds Communities.

Since 1960, Westwinds has been the region’s primary provider of affordable housing for seniors, families and individuals. Today, Westwinds operates three seniors’ supportive living lodges, seven seniors’ independent living communities, the Foothill’s largest subsidized and affordable rental housing programs, and a rent supplement program serving the geographical area south of Calgary to Claresholm, west to Bragg Creek and east to Vulcan County.

The substantial growth in Foothills County and its communities means the need for affordable housing has also increased. Westwinds provides a vital role in forecasting and developing plans to meet the future needs of the communities they serve. Westwinds identify emerging needs and changing lifestyles of tenants, and actively work to develop solutions and services for families and individuals.

“Quality, affordable housing is critical to the health of individuals, families, and communities,” says Lauren Ingalls, Chief Administrative Officer, Westwinds Communities. “Homes provide shelter, safety, and a place to rest and recharge. They protect us from the elements and help ensure our children get a good night’s sleep. We are extremely proud to help fill this need in the community.”

About Westwinds Communities: Westwinds Communities is the leading provider of affordable housing within the Foothills Region. Westwinds is the largest provider of subsidized and affordable rental housing for families and individuals living within Foothills County. They are a key provider of affordable seniors lodge and independent living within Foothills County, and the sole operator of the rent supplement program for those living in Foothills County and surrounding area. Over the past sixty years, more than 12,000 households have benefited from Westwinds’ programs and services.