Website to Report Needless Red Tape Launches

A new website will crowdsource input from business, organizations and the public on which government regulations should be improved, kept or scrapped.

As part of the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, the province has launched with a submission form for Albertans to provide feedback on their encounters with costly and unnecessary red tape, and suggestions on how to get rid of it.

“The regulatory burden in our province is simply unnecessary. Albertans know this, job creators know this, and our government knows this. I look forward to hearing from Albertans on how we can reduce the burden, and to meeting with industry leaders to discuss how we can make it easier to do business and create jobs in the province. I encourage every Albertan to follow our progress online as we work together to cut red tape.”Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

In addition to being an easy way for people to submit ideas, will show where red tape has already been cut and keep people apprised on the commitment to reduce the regulatory burden by one-third and get Albertans back to work.

Panels are being established to hear from Alberta businesses and industry experts, and local MLAs are arranging roundtable discussions in their constituencies to determine how best to cut red tape, while ensuring the health and safety of Albertans and the environment is safeguarded.

The Red Tape Reduction Act, passed June 10, directs government to review and evaluate existing regulations, rules and processes to ensure they are as efficient as possible and provide value to Albertans. It focuses on reducing unnecessary demands on time and resources to make it easier for people and organizations to navigate government and comply with regulations.

Albertans are encouraged to share their red tape stories at

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