Waterton Lakes National Park Camping

Waterton Lakes National Park Camping

Waterton Lakes National Park is offering limited camping services.

The camping experience at Waterton Lakes National Park will be different than previous years. Visitors will have access to the following services and facilities:

Townsite Campground

  • Loops B and H of the Townsite Campground are open for existing reservation holders
  • Reservations for the remainder of the 2020 season for Townsite Campground (loops B and H only) will re-open on Wednesday July 8, 2020 at 8 am MDT
    • Maximum persons per site: 6 people
    • Loop B: RV sites only
    • Loop H: tents only
  • The campground’s washrooms, shower facilities and kitchen shelters will not be available
  • Washrooms are available at Cameron Falls and Cameron Bay
  • The dump station on Waterton Avenue will be available. The dishwashing station in Loop H will be open
  • The campground loops east of Cameron Creek (A, C, D, E, F and G) are closed for construction. You may experience noise from construction during your stay
  • The campground entrance has moved to Evergreen Avenue to facilitate access during construction
  • The campground kiosk and gates will be staffed with appropriate COVID-19 mitigations in place

Note that picnic shelters in and around the Waterton village remain closed.

Backcountry (wilderness) camping

  • Reservations for backcountry camping are available by calling the visitor centre at 403-859-5133
  • Boundary Bay, Bertha Bay, Bertha Lake, Alderson Lake, Lone Lake, Twin Lakes and Snowshoe backcountry campgrounds are open. Goat Lake and Crandell Lake campgrounds remain closed due to wildfire damage
  • A backcountry use permit is required for overnight stays in the backcountry. Permits are available from the Waterton Lakes National Park visitor centre, either in person or by calling 403-859-5133
Camping will not be available at Belly River and Crandell Mountain campgrounds
  • Belly River Campground will remain closed until further notice, as the Chief Mountain Highway is closed at the Belly River bridge
  • Crandell Mountain Campground remains closed due to damage sustained in the Kenow Wildfire and will remain so for 2020

Visit the Waterton Lakes National Park COVID-19 page for updates on other park facilities and services.

Things to Keep in Mind


  • Bears and other wildlife live in the area, and are attracted to food odours. Place garbage in bins, and avoid cooking inside tents and tent trailers. All food supplies, including coolers, must be stored in your vehicles or in food storage lockers located throughout the campground.
  • Columbian ground squirrels, native to Waterton, prefer areas with short, mowed grass. As such, their numbers in this campground are higher than normal. When walking in the campground, watch your step around ground squirrel burrows and mounds, especially at night. Use a flashlight.


  • Dogs can cause stress for wildlife as they may be seen as a threat. Off-leash dogs can trigger aggressive behaviour from wildlife such as deer and bears. Although deer in the Waterton townsite look cute and harmless, they can be aggressive, particularly the females (does) during the fawning season (June and early July). When you see a deer, retreat from the area. To prevent unsafe situations, dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times.


  • Watch for strong winds and quickly changing weather.