Waterton Lake Wildfire Update: August 20, 2015 1000 hrs


What’s Happening?

Waterton fire - firefighterThe Waterton Lake wildfire is now 85% contained, and is still ‘Being Held’. Six crews and one helicopter continue to action the fire today. Today’s weather forecast calls for another hot, dry and windy day.

Parks Canada continues to work with the US National Park Service to manage a forest fire near Goat Haunt, Glacier National Park. The fire remains approximately 10 hectares (25 acres) in size, is approximately 100 m wide and one km long. It is on the slopes of Campbell Mountain, on the west side of Upper Waterton Lake, in Glacier National Park.


Waterton fire - water retrievalAlthough it is quite smoky today, the smoke is not from the Waterton Lake Fire. Yesterday, fires all across the Pacific Northwest grew due to dry, windy conditions; the smoke is likely to impact us for at least the next day or two.

Restrictions and Closures

Waterton Lakes National Park: (see Important Bulletins at www.parkscanada.gc.ca)

  • Lakeshore trail from the junction with Bertha Lake trail to Boundary Bay, and Boundary Creek trail from Summit Lake to Boundary Bay (see other side for map).
  • Pass Creek Day Use Area is closed because it is being used as the camp for the fire crews.

Glacier National Park: (http://home.nps.gov/applications/glac/infobull/closures.cfm.)

  • Waterton - fighting the fireTrail Closures: Boulder Pass Trail from Francis Lake Campground to Goat Haunt; Boundary Trail from Goat Haunt to the International boundary; and Waterton Valley Trail from Stony Indian Junction to Goat Haunt
  • Back Country Campground Closures: Goat Haunt Shelter, Waterton River, Kootenai Lakes, Janet Lake, and Lake Francis Campgrounds

*Waterton Shoreline Cruises boat is still running from Waterton to Goat Haunt with no back country access.


Waterton fire map