Waterton Fire Update: Under Control, trails opened Aug 22


What’s Happening?

The Waterton Lake wildfire is now 100% contained, and is considered “under control”.

Parks Canada crews will continue to patrol the fire area and extinguish any hot spots.

Parks Canada is working with the US National Park Service to manage a forest fire near Goat Haunt, Glacier National Park.  The fire was approximately 10 hectares (25 acres) in size, approximately 100 m wide and one km long. It is on the slopes of Campbell Mountain, on the west side of Upper Waterton Lake, in Glacier National Park.

Restrictions and Closures

· As of August 22, all trail closures associated with this fire have been removed, but fire crews are still working in the area.  Please be careful when walking on the Lakeshore Trail between Boundary Bay and Goat Haunt, and do not disturb any of the fire fighting equipment in the area.

· For other closures in Glacier National Park: http://home.nps.gov/applications/glac/infobull/closures.cfm.

· The Pass Creek Day use area remains closed, as it is being used as a camp for the fire crews.