Water Conservation Bylaw Strictly Enforced


HIGH RIVER, AB: Water conservation level two is now in effect in High River and there have been several recent concerns that residents are not following the bylaw.

“As temperatures rise, there is an increased demand on the water supply and this places stress on the water treatment facility,” explains Chad Moore, treatment facilities supervisor for the Town. “June has been very hot and dry and placing these water restrictions will help to ensure the treatment facility remains functional through the summer and that there is enough water in case of emergencies.”

If the bylaw is not followed, increased stress on the treatment facility will require the Town to increase the conservation level and further limit water usage. Town operations staff will now begin going door-to-door to remind residents:

During water conservation level two, watering of lawns is only permitted between 5-10 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on specific days for each area of town:

  • Southwest – Monday and Thursday
  • Southeast – Tuesday and Friday
  • Northeast / Northwest – Wednesday and Saturday

At level two, residents can still fill swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

All residents must comply with the Town’s water conservation bylaw, unless they have been granted a special exception by the Town. Permits to allow watering of new lawns can be downloaded and printed at www.highriver.ca under the “Residents” then “Water Conservation” tab. Completed permits can be dropped off at the operations Town Shop (640 7 Street N.W.) for processing.

The Town determines water conservation levels based on several factors including the condition of aquifers and wells, ensuring that there are sufficient water reserves available in case of fires, environmental sustainability and resource protection, water quality standards, and infrastructure limitations.