Warning to Calgary Cat Owners: Keep Them Indoors

Calgary, AB — Calgary Humane Society, Calgary Police Service and Animal & Bylaw Services are warning cat owners to keep their pets indoors following several recent incidents where cats have been found mutilated, severely injured or killed.

Calgary Humane Society Protections Officers have investigated the unusual or suspicious deaths of 12 outdoor cats this year alone. Sadly, all these cases could have been prevented.

“While some cat owners will argue depriving a cat of outdoor freedom decreases its’ quality of life, the reality is quite the opposite. There are a multitude of dangers posed to cats allowed to wander at will. Cats can be hit by cars causing catastrophic injuries, disease and pregnancy are concerns for the animal as well as a public health issue, and predation results in the deaths of dozens of cats every year. Cats at large are also prime targets for cruelty, whether that be trapping and inappropriate disposal or easy targets for those looking to abuse animals” says Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty & Investigations.

Beyond these risks, depriving a cat of adequate food, water or shelter is an offense under the Animal Protection Act and allowing a cat to run at large is an offense under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.