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Walrus Haulout of the Native Village of Point Lay

Walrus Photo credit: Bill Tracey
Walrus Photo credit: Bill Tracey

October 2, 2014- Declines in sea ice in late-summer in the Chukchi Sea over the last several years have caused Pacific walruses to more frequently haul out on land to rest instead of resting on offshore ice. A haulout has recently formed near the community of Point Lay and has garnered significant media and public interest. Walruses occupying coastal haulouts are vulnerable to human caused disturbances that can result in trampling related mortality.  The Native Village of Point Lay respectfully requests that people do not attempt to visit the haulout site at this delicate time.

Here is a video from the 2011 event

(Alaska Region, U.S. Fish and Wildlife)

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