Waddlers Unite – Penguin Walk Returns at the Calgary Zoo

Waddlers Unite – Penguin Walk Returns at the Calgary Zoo

Calgary, AB – The Calgary Zoo’s highly anticipated Penguin Walk is back for another year of waddling wonder. Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the king penguins will once again take to the zoo’s pathways for a royal stroll through the park. Starting Wednesday, January 17, 2018, the birds will walk every day at 11 a.m.

“Giving the king penguins the choice to walk is an excellent example of environmental enrichment we provide to all of our animals at the Calgary Zoo,” says Chrissy Begus, Supervisor of Visitor Engagement, Calgary Zoo. “It also is enriching to our zoo visitors, being a seasonal, educational and fun experience. We welcome Calgarians to come cheer them on, fall in love, and go home inspired to make small changes to help wildlife.”

Joining in will be the zoo’s newest king penguin, Cleo. She hatched on August 1, 2017, and at five and half months old, may choose to participate in her very first Penguin Walk this year. Zoo guests may see as many as 10 king penguins participating in the daily walk including: Diana, Grace, Hera, Arthur, Caesar, Tut, Solomon, Nero and Edward.

The walk begins by Penguin Plunge, loops down to Discovery Trail Bridge before coming back up to the birds’ habitat. It is dependent on the birds’ desire to walk as well as the weather. If the temperature warms up to +5ºC, drops to below -25ºC, or the wind exceeds 20km/h, it will be cancelled. Please check the zoo’s website and social media channels for any updates.

In the wild king penguins continue to face threats of rising sea temperatures and the impacts of climate change. As a wildlife conservation leader, the Calgary Zoo encourages its visitors to make small changes such as choosing to purchase sustainable seafood products.