Voting: What Does Faith Have to Do with It?

As a disciple, you are invited to live out your faith by engaging in the upcoming election process. – United Church of Canada

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. (Jer. 29:7, NRSV)

God’s people are called to faithfully engage with the world around them to help shape a space for the kin-dom of God to become manifest. Many of our communities of faith serve those who are vulnerable, feed those who are hungry, house those who are homeless, and advocate with the most vulnerable. In these actions, the churches answer God’s call. Choosing to vote is another way for individuals to answer that call.

As a disciple, you are invited to live out your faith by engaging in the upcoming election process. We can work toward a world in which the welfare of one is the welfare of all!

This fall political candidates will seek your vote and offer a vision of how Canada could operate. People of faith can bring God’s vision of fullness of life for all our relations into the conversation, setting an agenda for the election campaign and the resulting government.

Faith and Politics resources offer examples of how to talk about the things you care about most deeply with your communities and with political candidates. They can help you bring a faithful perspective to the election.

Let us change the conversation of fear, negativity, and mistrust that has become too prevalent and challenge candidates to be their best selves as together we answer God’s call in this moment.

Please vote and encourage others to vote. When we act together as one body seeking God’s vision, we can build a better future for this country. By participating in the democratic process, we work together to create a country that lives up to Canada’s positive image worldwide and brings us closer to the kin-dom of God. When we demonstrate humility, dignity, and integrity and offer that to all, we will influence the public dialogue.

We offer this prayer for use in worship and small group gatherings and with candidates:

Faithful God,
May we seek the welfare of our communities in our political actions and discussions this election:
     promoting the human rights, well-being, and dignity of all people;
     seeking humility and integrity in our conversations; and
     engaging each other in debates that challenge injustices while
     inspiring positive change.
As we faithfully participate in the democratic process, help us to remember your words:
When we seek the welfare of our community we find our own.

United Church of Canada