VOLUNTEER for Stream Bank Rebuilding in Turner Valley

[break][break][break][break][break][break][break][break][break]Floods are the most costly natural disaster in Canada. Healthy riparian areas protect the uplands from flooding.

These Riparian Restorations empower communities and repair the landscape. Work alongside community leaders, local volunteers and restoration specialists to restore our Watersheds! BBQ lunch is provided!

October 18th, 2014

October 19th, 2014

*Register with Sustainability Circle using links below:

Day 1: October 18th – click here to register.
Day 2: October 19th – click here to register.

Registration for residents of Black Diamond & Turner Valley is Free!

Note: This workshop will require digging with hand shovels and heavy lifting. Volunteers should bring sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.

This program is possible thanks to support from the following:

Town of Black Diamond
Town of Turner Valley
Cows and Fish
Trout Unlimited Canada
Leaping Cowgirl Productions

What is a Riparian Area?

(MD of Foothills)

According to the MDP2010, riparian areas are lands adjacent to a watercourse where the vegetation and soils show evidence of being influenced by the presence of water. Riparian areas are the green zone around a watercourse.

They are the transitional zone between surface water and drier uplands and play a vital role in the healthy functioning of both.

Riparian areas have been shown to play a role in:

• Filtering sediment, nutrients, agricultural chemicals and other pollutants from surface runoff

• Protecting streambanks from erosion

• Providing food, water, and cover for many species of terrestrial animals

• Providing shade, food, and reducing stream water temperature for fish and other aquatic organisms

• Providing leaf litter and woody debris to the stream

• Providing travel corridors for a wide variety of wildlife; and

• Trees and grasses in riparian areas stabilize stream banks and reduce floodwater velocity, resulting in reduced downstream flood peaks