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Vital Focus Survey Launched to Collect Feedback on High River Economy

HIGH RIVER, AB: Our High River and the Town of High River are inviting all residents, businesses and agencies to complete the 2017 Vital Focus survey centered on the economy and business in High River.

“By participating in the survey residents are able to have their voices heard and are providing valuable information that will be used by a range of groups and agencies to make positive changes in our community,” said Kalie Mosig, research and content lead for the project.

The survey can be taken online at and takes around five to 10 minutes to complete. Print copies of the survey are also available at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex and the Town Office.

Respondents to this survey can enter to win one of ten $50 gift certificates to a local business of their choosing. The deadline to complete the survey is July 7 and the report will be released in October 2017.

Participation in the survey is highly encouraged as the data is used by the Town, other agencies and groups, when planning for the future and assessing current citizen needs.

This project is a continuation of the Vital Signs survey that was launched in 2016 that provided a complete checkup on the community in the areas of connection, environment, expression, health and wellbeing, lifelong learning, livability, safety and security, and thriving populations. Areas that could use improvement, as well as things to be celebrated, were highlighted.

In the 2017 Vital Focus survey, only the areas of the economy and business will be looked at. The Vital Signs survey will be completed again in 2018.

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