VETS Canada Partners with True Patriot Love: Enhancing Efforts to End Veteran Homelessness

VETS Canada is pleased to announce that it has received $75,000 in funding from True Patriot Love (TPL), a national charity dedicated to supporting military families. These funds will be used to augment VETS Canada’s capacity to provide emergency aid for an increasing number of Veterans in crisis, at-risk of homelessness or living homeless, from coast to coast. This will be done by increasing volunteer capacity through targeted recruitment and improved training opportunities, expanding VETS Canada’s array of available services, and assisting with Veterans’ access to third party service providers.

“VETS Canada is extremely excited to partner with True Patriot Love to further our reach in helping Veterans in crisis,” says Jim Lowther, VETS Canada Co-Founder, CEO/President. “TPL recognizes that although we have made great progress in addressing Veteran homelessness, the issue is a growing one; in December, 2016, VETS Canada provided emergency support to 95 Veterans in need, while in December of 2017 that number jumped to 208. Even so, we firmly believe that Veteran homelessness can be eradicated with the support of amazing organizations such as TPL.”

“True Patriot Love is committed to tackling the important issue of Veteran homelessness and we are proud to support the critical work VETS Canada does to assist Veterans in crisis in cities across Canada. We must always remember that these Veterans have served our country bravely and as such it is our duty, as Canadians, to ensure they receive the full support they need once their service has ended,” Bronwen Evans, True Patriot Love CEO.   

Community members/organizations interested in donating to VETS Canada’s mission to end Veteran homelessness can visit: 

About VETS Canada

VETS Canada, the largest organization specifically dedicated to ending veteran homeless in Canada, is a national volunteer-driven charity and service provider of Veterans Affairs Canada that provides 24/7 emergency aid to homeless and in-crisis veterans. VETS Canada’s hundreds of dedicated volunteers – most of whom veterans or still-serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces – have provided life-saving support in response to thousands of requests for assistance from coast to coast since the organization’s inception in 2010.

About True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL) is a national charity with the mission to inspire every Canadian to contribute to the resilience and wellbeing of our military and Veteran families. Since 2009, TPL has provided more than $18 million to support military families, including supporting more than 100 community-based programs across the country that address the unique challenges resulting from service including mental health, physical rehabilitation, transitioning to civilian life, and the special needs of children. In addition, TPL contributes to advancements in research and technology through our $5 million commitment to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research (Queen’s University). For more information, visit