VETS Canada and Raising the Roof National Partnerships: Reside + Toque Campaign

Toronto, Ontario – Two powerful, high-profile national organizations – Raising the Roof and Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada), are pleased to announce that they are partnering to address homelessness prevention.

VETS Canada is joining the movement as a National Partner Agency in Raising the Roof’s annual Toque Campaign. Each year, thousands of volunteers and supporters across Canada rally around to sell toques and raise much-needed funds for agencies who work directly with people experiencing homelessness. The Toque Campaign provides a vehicle for agencies nationwide, to raise money in order to provide access to essential services and supports in their local community.

Additionally, VETS Canada is partnering on Raising the Roof’s Reside Program – the program whereby vacant homes and unused properties are renovated and repurposed for affordable housing for individuals and families who are at-risk of homelessness. The initiative will also create affordable housing for veterans and their families across the country.

“We are extremely delighted to be partnering with VETS Canada on the Toque Campaign and Reside initiative. Too many Veterans are experiencing homelessness in Canada, and the Reside program will act to provide our Veterans with the affordable and supportive housing they deserve”, said CEO Mike Braithwaite.

“VETS Canada is excited about this national partnership. Raising the Roof and VETS Canada’s values alignon so many levels – we firmly believe that partnering will allow us to reach even more Veterans in crisis/living homeless to provide life-saving aid,” says Jim Lowther, VETS Canada CEO/President.

• In Canada, Veteran homelessness is an increasing concern and it has been estimated via shelter counts that there are 2,950 Veterans experiencing homelessness (Gaetz et al., 2016). However, as per VETS Canada, it is likely that the true number is significantly higher, as this count does not include homeless Veterans that do not access shelters; the ‘hidden homeless’ – those who couch surf, sleep on the streets, etc.

• According to Gaetz et al (2016), approximately 235,000 Canadians will experience homelessness each year. The annual economic burden of homelessness in Canada has been estimated at $7 billion, which includes direct and indirect costs, such as shelters and health care services (Gaetz et al., 2016).

Through the collaboration with Raising the Roof’s Toque Campaign and Reside program, VETS Canada will raise funds and secure housing opportunities, which will assist in achieving the common goal of helping homeless and at-risk veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

About Raising the Roof:

Raising the Roof (RtR) is a national charitable organization that provides long-term solutions to homelessness prevention. It was launched in 1996 and provides national leadership through partnership and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities, and public education. Raising the Roof’s vision is that all Canadians have access to a safe, stable home and the supports they need to achieve their potential. Learn more at, follow us on social media: @RaisingTheRoof or please contact: Purva Chury, Marketing and Communications Manager,, 647.388.5705.

About VETS Canada:

VETS Canada, a national charity and service provider of Veterans Affairs Canada, is the largest 24/7 Canadian organization dedicated to addressing the emergency needs of homeless and in-crisis Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP. Our hundreds of dedicated volunteers (primarily Veterans or
still-serving military members) have relied on a unique model of peer support to provide life-saving aid in response to thousands of requests for assistance since 2010. It is our firm belief that no Veteran who served to protect our homes should ever be without one. Learn more at or follow us on social media at or For media inquiries, please contact Jim Lowther, VETS Canada CEO/President and Co-Founder at or (902) 483-2954.