Veterans on Horseback Coming to the Foothills


Communities For Veterans Foundation – The Ride Across Canada is operating a horseback ride across Canada with veterans and for veterans.

Watch for the riders in Black Diamond this afternoon around 3:00 to 4:00 pm. They will be riding in from the south along Government Road to Black Diamond Town Office.

Why are we crossing Canada on Horseback?

The idea behind our ride is to tighten bonds between communities and our veterans. Canada loves her military and her soldiers but it can be very difficult to know who they are when they transition to civilian life.  So that’s what we are trying to do with this ride. Create an awareness.

We as soldiers have a code that says we look after our own. I want fellow veterans and serving members to come out and ride with me through their home towns and for communities to recognize them for a hard job well done.

  • We will create an awareness of the changing face of veterans.
  • We will have a better understanding of the needs of veterans and their families
  • Canadian communities will have an opportunity to show their appreciation and share their stories of how veterans have improved their lives
  • We can impact the quality of life for veterans – possibly even improve statistics for family breakups, mental illness, and PTSD.
  • We will raise funds for programs that support veterans and their families

Our objective is to make it across Canada in roughly 200 days and include as many veteran guest riders as we can. This ride is not about one veteran and his family riding across the country for a cause. It is about Canada’s communities coming together with her veterans to create an awareness and encourage discussions of the challenges that our Veterans can face at home. By the time our horses get us to the Atlantic coast of Canada we will have heard, and shared, the stories of over 700 Canadian Veterans.

How can you Help?

The Turner Valley Legion will be hosting the riders on Wednesday, May 6th. Come out and support these veterans at 5pm for Beef on a Bun and some social time.

You can also make a donation, share our Facebook page and website, recommend our Foundation to others for donations or sponsorships.

Ride Across Canada - Turner Valley - May 6[break]