URGENT: Highwood High Grad Change of Venue Today Due to Last Night’s Storm

With the extreme hail and rain storm that we have had (last) evening, our efforts to get the Agricultural Grounds set up and dried out have failed. Countless hours has been spent drying out and re-packing and leveling the grounds but with the storm (last) evening, our efforts have been destroyed by mother nature. As we speak there is a “river” running through the middle of the tent that we are unable to fix. So, with that being said, the venue for the banquet will be changing. The field house at Aldersyde has been booked for us this evening. It is amazing that they were able to accommodate such a large group last minute. Good Time Party Rentals has been contacted and all of our tables, chairs, stage, linens, etc. have been moved to the YELLOW field at the field house this evening (thanks to Terri). The layout of the event will be identical to what it would have been if it were in the tent at the Ag. Grounds. All tickets will be accepted at the field house and you will be at your expected table numbers. Nothing other than that location will be changing. We will be using the main doors of the field house. We apologize for the venue change, it is not what we wanted or had planned but we are working to treat this event with the dignity it deserves but we are making the necessary accommodations so that our grads can celebrate this momentous event. If you are a part of the setup crew, the grad committee is asking that you be to the field house by 10:30am at the latest. The centerpieces were transported to the Agricultural Grounds today (thank you Michael and Janet Sealey) but we will need someone to pick them up again with a covered truck and bring them to the field house. Other than that, everything else has already been moved to Aldersyde (thanks!). As I am sending this from home, I do not have access to all of the grad parents emails. If we can all please send this along to any grads that you know so that everyone is informed of the change. Terri has been in touch with the local radio stations and they will be broadcasting this tomorrow morning. We have arranged for some of the students to post this information on Facebook and I have also posted it on Twitter. Please,if you know of others who have not been involved in the planning of this grad, please forward this message to them. Thanks to everyone for your extreme patience as we work out the finer details of Grad 2016. It will be an amazing event! Thanks, Melissa Cayford (on behalf of the parent grad committee).