Upgrades to Ghost Provincial Recreation Areas to Enhance Recreation Opportunities

Five Provincial Recreation Area’s (PRAs) within the Ghost Public Land Use Zone in the Kananaskis region will receive $2.5 million for upgrades.

Funding will be used to widen campground roads and campsites to accommodate large recreation vehicles and provide bear-proof garbage receptacles as seen in Kananaskis and new washroom facilities. There will also be improved signage and trails to provide better connections from existing campgrounds to trail systems in the Ghost Public Land Use Zone running from the forest reserve boundary to the Red Deer River along highway 40.

“We are committed to enhancing recreation opportunities for Alberta families throughout our provincial parks system. The Ghost PRA upgrades is one of more than 100 capital and maintenance projects that will refresh and modernize Alberta Parks to support local tourism, economies and jobs.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

“People love their public lands and I am pleased our government is making important investments to allow more Albertans to experience Alberta’s natural wonders.”

Cameron Westhead, MLA, Banff-Cochrane

In the coming years, visitors will soon see new campsites and hiking trails, new shower buildings, campsites with power, more picnic tables, expanded parking lots and refurbished day-use areas within Alberta’s provincial parks system.

The Ghost PRA investment is one of many the province has earmarked through more than $25.6 million in capital funding over the next five years in the Kananaskis region.

Upgrading the recreation areas is scheduled to begin next year and be completed by 2018-19.

The areas that will benefit from government’s investment are:

  • Waiparous Creek PRA
  • Ghost Airstrip PRA
  • Fallen Timber PRA
  • Burnt Timber PRA
  • Red Deer River PRA


Along with investing in new infrastructure to support growing demand for recreation activities, government is committed to ensuring that all Albertans are able to enjoy public lands and that unlawful activities are not undertaken.

Recently government announced that it will reinstate tickets and specified penalty amounts for violations on Alberta’s public lands, effective August 6.

Penalty amounts for public lands offences range from $100 to $500, depending upon the nature of the violation. Enforcement officers may now ticket people for offences related to off-highway vehicle use, damage and destruction to resources and inappropriate waste disposal.

This May, government took steps to heighten enforcement on public lands through a co-ordinated effort by several enforcement agencies and use of the Report A Poacher line (1-800-642-3800). Since May 1, Fish and Wildlife Officers, Conservation Officers and Seasonal Park Rangers have issued more than 1,120 written warnings and laid more than 845 charges under various pieces of legislation.