Update: RCMP police support in Fort McMurray

Thumbs up from evacuee leaving Fort McMurray with the convoy.
Thumbs up from evacuee leaving Fort McMurray with the convoy.

Fort McMurray, AB – The RCMP continues to be engaged in search and rescue operations in Fort McMurray, and can confirm that the vast majority of residents have been evacuated. Today, the RCMP is also actively involved in the escort of residents in vehicles through Fort McMurray to the south side of the City on Highway 63. These convoys led by the RCMP are going well but will continue for some time. The RCMP appreciates the patience of all of those waiting to pass from the north side of Fort McMurray on Highway 63.

RCMP patrols of the City are ongoing to locate and assist remaining residents in leaving. Police are also patrolling areas frequented by the homeless to assist them in evacuating to safety. Although preserving human life is the RCMP’s top priority, theft reports received by police will be investigated. Today, police arrested a local man in his home after responding to a break and enter. Police Dog Services were used to track and locate the suspect. This is the only theft report that police have received.

“People need to understand that evacuation orders are issued for a reason, and that not leaving puts them and emergency responders at unnecessary risk,” said RCMP Inspector Gibson Glavin.

Late yesterday, police located one elderly man in his home and lead him and his dog to safety. A family of five, including three elementary school-aged children was located during a door-to-door canvass in the Dickensfield area. The family had not complied with the mandatory evacuation order due to their belief that they were not in danger. The family and their dog were subsequently evacuated.

The RCMP is asking that evacuees concerned about pets NOT call 911, but follow the instructions of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo by contacting the Supporters of Alberta Animal Rescues athttps://supportersofabrescues.com/. RCMP search and rescue personnel will do what they can to assist pets they come across.