UPDATE: Rally in Drayton Valley January 7 – Bighorn Country

UPDATE: Rally in Drayton Valley January 7 – Bighorn Country

This is an update and follow through on the media coverage of our rally in Drayton Valley (January 7th). We would like to provide the following information to ensure everyone is aware of what happened, and the facts involved:

–   650-750 peaceful, respectful attendees (confirmed from sign in sheets) braved -22C temperatures to show their solidarity to insure Albertans are aware of what is happening with this process.

–  There were no confirmed threats communicated to the RCMP, Town of Drayton Valley or County of Brazeau Administration.

–  Sunchild First Nations Band Councillor Joey Pete stood with us and stated that his First Nation is supportive of the energy industry, and HAVE NOT been consulted by the government in any respect towards the proposed Bighorn Park/PLUZ land use changes.

–  The Counties of Ponoka, Westaskiwin, and Parkland are now supporting Brazeau County’s measures to spread awareness of the lack of consultation, and the poorly managed process to date.

–  The Town of Drayton Valley water treatment plant manager is quoted as stating that:

“The quality of the water upstream of Drayton Valley is excellent, and that it could be drank right out of the river, although he would never recommend it.”

Additionally, through previous experience, he stated that the water quality downstream of the major centers is much more of a concern.

Rally Canada has the following requests to the Government in Power:

  • The government announce that this process is postponed until after the next election, at which time it can be restarted and conducted both thoroughly and properly.
  • If they are unwilling to do so then the current minister needs to be removed from this process as the successive series of abysmal failures has eroded all public confidence that the outcome could be achieved properly and take into account, the volumes of people who have not been consulted.

The net result of the Government in Power’s efforts to date is public and industry uncertainty, and that is unacceptable considering the already unstable economic situation that exists within our Province today.

Tim Cameron
Rally Canada Chair Person

About Rally Canada

Natural resource extraction enriches the lives of every person in Canada, directly and indirectly, and now it is time to get involved.

This group is looking to engage every Canadian, including the silent majority, and help facilitate discussion and focus a message.

One Message, One Voice that will no longer be ignored, and it STARTS TODAY.

Source: Rally Canada