UPDATE – Outrun Rare: Dave Proctor

By John Barlow

I was proud to host David Proctor and his Out Run Rare team in Ottawa at the beginning of August, along with representatives from other rare disease organizations to talk about the incredible work these groups are doing in research, fundraising and care and how we can help support their efforts. One in 12 Canadians are affected by a rare disorder.

On June 27 Dave Proctor began an important journey across Canada. Through his determination, his strength, and his love, David helped raise funds for rare disease, but more importantly he created awareness about Canadians suffering with rare diseases, those searching for support and a cure.

Conservative Party of Canada Executive Director Dustin van Vugt and myself welcomed Dave Proctor, Outrun Rare, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders and rare research advocates to Parliament Hill to engage in a very important discussion about some of the many challenges and issues surrounding the rare disease community.

This is just the beginning of the conversation. We look forward to continuing to build awareness and support for all those affected by a rare disease and working together across Canada.

You can watch the video here