Update on Lions Family Spray Park in Turner Valley

Just to dispel a few rumours that have been hitting social media, Barry Crane, from the Foothills Lions Club confirmed that the Spray Park will be Free of any admittance charge.

The Grand Opening is being planned for May 30th, 2015 so watch for the details. That’s only three months away!

There are a few things that are left to be completed: bathrooms, concrete entryway, sod, landscaping, tile wall and picnic tables.

The Valley Neighbours Gardening Club have offered their expertise and help on the choice of potted plants, bushes, flowers and trees that will be planted. Barry said, “That will take a lot of stress off us and ensure the right kind for this climate will be planted”.

The Friends of the Pool are also getting involved and hoping to contribute towards the sod and fencing.

The Foothills Lions Club have done the ground work, grant and fundraising and put in many, many hours of volunteer labour to build the Spray Park which is estimated to have a total cost of $580,000 when fully completed.

Once completed it will be turned over to the Town of Turner Valley for maintenance and operation. Barry said, “The Town are getting really excited about it, on board and helping to get the timelines in place. It is really nice to have their backing and support.”

Barry is also hoping to involve as many local residents as possible by having a community sod laying day on April 1st and really engaging the community.

Fundraising is still going on as another $30,000 is still needed to complete everything. The Clay Tiles are still available for purchase and if you haven’t painted yours yet then the final tile painting will be taking place on Friday, April 17th from 4:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday, April 18th from 11:00am to 5:00pm with the Sheep Creek Arts Council located at the Valley Neighbours Club, 133 Sunset Blvd. You can either call Barry at 403-933-5385, Karla Powell at 403-933-2473 or just show up. Picnic tables are also still available for purchase.

2015-03-03 Spray Park Notice - Rescheduled