UPDATE: Foothills School Division Bus Accident

We understand and respect that events yesterday have caused some concern and questions. We want to assure you that our students are safe and supported as they return to school today. In instances such as this our first priority remains the safety of students.

On January 28, 2019 we were informed of a Foothills School Division bus accident on Township Road 690 east of Highway 2. Initial reports from the scene indicated that 8 students were involved, we can now confirm that a total of 8 people were involved in the accident, 7 students and 1 adult bus driver. One student and the bus driver remain in hospital in stable condition.

Pamela Rannelli, Acting Superintendent of Schools said, “Our thoughts are with the families affected by this accident and the individuals being treated for their injuries. We have spent the day working to support our school community during this difficult time. We recognize that many of our students, families, and staff have been concerned by this news and we are committed to providing supports for as long as they may be needed. We join with the community in extending an outpouring of caring, compassion, and support for the families involved.”

Lastly, we thank our first responders for their prompt action. Only by working as a school community in partnership with students, parents and law enforcement can we create and maintain the level of safety that we want for our children.

We are unable to provide further details on the accident while it continues to be under investigation. Foothills School Division will communicate meaningful information with families whenever we can.

Should parents have any questions or concerns regarding supports for students, please do not hesitate to contact your school principal.