Update 1: RCMP support in Fort McMurray


Fort McMurray, AB – Three hundred RCMP members from throughout Alberta have now been deployed to Fort McMurray to assist local detachment personnel in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s Emergency Operations.

The RCMP has contingency plans in place to address short-term emergency deployments and has processes in place to call- up personnel to meet emerging needs on short notice. Deployment strategies are designed to ensure the delivery of police service in local Alberta communities is not impacted by the emergency response.

If required, the RCMP in Alberta can draw upon RCMP personnel from across Canada to assist in responding to public safety issues. At this point, the RCMP in Alberta does not require the assistance of other RCMP divisions/provincial jurisdictions.

During a Declaration of Local Emergency, the RCMP is responsible for enforcement of all laws which include enforcing the Declaration of Local Emergency and its ordered mandatory evacuation, search and rescue and the safety and security persons and property within the affected areas.

The RCMP is also responsible for controlling access points on the highways leading into the community. Under a Declaration of a Local Emergency, the RCMP cannot make independent decisions on certain things including the timing of the return of residents to their community.

All media calls OR calls from the public regarding the fire situation, Search and Rescue and Evacuation efforts or any other aspect of emergency services response in the Fort McMurray area should be directed to Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality’s Emergency Operations Centre (REOC) Media Line at 780-762-3660 or the Province of Alberta’s Provincial Operations Centre (POC) toll free number at 1-866-618-2362.

Those is serious danger should still call 911.