Upcycling Finds Inspiration in the Old, Used and Abandoned

Upcycling - 82922HUpcycling – the process of transforming used or discarded materials into something new and interesting – reduces waste by breathing new life into items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. The options are endless when it comes to upcycling, and Ontario is a proven leader in this initiative.

“Waste is such a massive but hidden problem, so it’s wonderful to see the smart and creative ways that people are transforming used materials,” says Ziya Tong, host of Daily Planet and an ambassador for Ontario Tire Stewardship. “Recycled old tires for example, are being made into new designer products like sneakers, modern lounges and even a stylish kitchen sink!”

Are you wondering what products are upcycled right here in Ontario? It may surprise you:

Tires – Many of the products used in your home or garden can be made with recycled tires. Doormats, mulch, patio stones, planters, and roofing shingles made from tires are durable, non-toxic, and resist mould and mildew.

Paint – Gone are the days of sending old paint to a landfill. In Ontario, waste paint can now be turned into premium shades of environmentally friendly paint. Like recycled tires, it reduces waste, and creates a new market for old products.

Furniture – Refreshing old furniture is a popular way to upcycle. An old headboard can find new life as a bench; a chair can be distressed, painted or waxed; a door can make a beautiful tabletop.

Not only does upcycling benefit the environment, it fuels the economy by driving innovative new manufacturing processes and by creating a new market for those products. You can check online at www.RethinkTires.ca, to learn more about upcycling and to see some of the creative new products developed here in Ontario.

(News Canada)