University Addresses Billboard Ad

The “Beefier Barley” billboard is part of a larger advertising campaign from the University of Alberta, which has been running in various media since fall 2018. The purpose of the Truth Matters campaign is to highlight University of Alberta research that tackles today’s complex challenges, and to encourage discussion. The campaign features several research discoveries made by researchers in a range of areas.

Research is always complicated; the problems and issues being explored are complex and multifaceted. By asking why, and what, and how, our researchers follow where the evidence leads. Different, even divergent, approaches are pursued by researchers across the University of Alberta; this is necessary work, even when it challenges expectations and assumptions.

Recent response to the “Beefier Barley” billboard highlights these complications and complexities. And the way in which these complex ideas have been communicated has itself caused debate and discussion. Sparking debate around discoveries and ideas is a key role of universities.

How society will adapt to climate change is a key global challenge. The research this ad highlights is important and one of many lines of inquiry being pursued at the University of Alberta. Seeking and understanding the potential consequences of climate change matters. The full breadth of research related to climate change conducted at our university — and other universities — matters.

~ Jacqui Tam, Vice-president (University Relations)

University of Alberta