United Conservatives Support Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act

United Conservatives Support Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act

EDMONTON, AB: United Conservative leader Jason Kenney voiced his support for a bill introduced by elected Alberta Senator Doug Black in the Senate, calling on the Government of Canada to invoke its Constitutional authority under s.91(29) and s.92(10)(c) to declare the much-needed Trans Mountain project to be in the national interest. This motion echoes the call that Jason Kenney has been making since the BC NDP announced its intentions two weeks ago.

“The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is critical for Alberta and it is the national interest for this project to succeed,” said Kenney. “The deliberate attempts at its obstruction by the BC NDP government are illegal and jeopardize Canada’s economic union. The federal government must provide clarity by ending speculation about the future of the project.”

The declaratory authority under the constitution allows the federal government to invoke authority over a project. Since 1867, the declaratory authority has been invoked over 400 times for projects in the national interest, such as railways and bridges.

“If the Trudeau government is serious about their verbal support for this project, they will pass this bill quickly and use their constitutional authority to ensure that this project is built,” Kenney said. “I commend Senator Doug Black for standing up for Canada’s economic union by introducing this bill.”

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion project would allow greater access to world markets for Canadian oil, better securing Canada’s economic future. The Conference Board of Canada has estimated that the Trans Mountain Expansion Project will create the equivalent of 15,000 construction jobs and 37,000 direct and indirect jobs per year of operation.