United Conservatives Successfully Force Emergency Debate on Trans Mountain

EDMONTON, AB (October 29, 2018): The United Conservatives today successfully pushed the NDP government to hold an emergency debate on the status of the Trans Mountain pipeline project, given the deterioration of the situation in the months since the Assembly last sat in the Legislature.

“Given that this is arguably the most critical issue facing our province, and our economic future is hanging on whether or not we can access new markets for our energy products, I am relieved to see that the NDP is finally taking this situation seriously,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. “Last spring, when we brought forward a similar motion for emergency debate on the status of the project, the NDP voted it down and ridiculed the Official Opposition for our concern. Once again, we lead, they follow.”

In the almost two years since the project first received approval, the NDP has been more preoccupied with spiking the football instead of making sure construction actually gets underway. Now, with the Court of Appeal decision quashing the project’s approval, the NDP refuses to stand up to their close friend and ally Justin Trudeau and rightfully demand an appeal to the Supreme Court.

“The NDP did the right thing today by allowing this important discussion to take place in the Legislature,” said United Conservative House Leader Jason Nixon. “The fact of the matter is that despite near constant celebrations, and corresponding partisan attacks from this government, not one shovel has hit the ground and this project is no closer to completion than it was the day it received paper approval. It’s time for this government to stand up and tell the federal Liberal government to kill Bill C-69, Justin Trudeau’s No More Pipelines Law.”