United Conservatives Respond to Trans Mountain Court Ruling

CALGARY, AB (August 30, 2018): United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney has issued the following statement in response to this morning’s Trans Mountain court ruling:

“Today is a sad day for Canada and our ability to move major projects in the national interest forward.

“Albertans have every right to be angry and frustrated by the apparent inability of governments across the country to build economically critical infrastructure. We cannot function as a prosperous, modern society with an ever-changing legal standard on issues like environmental impact and Indigenous consultation.

“It is clear that the federal government engaged in good faith negotiations, and that the NEB ultimately determined it has no jurisdiction over marine traffic. Now the goal posts are moving yet again.

“Today’s ruling makes it abundantly clear that the Federal Court of Appeal has no regard for the real-world economic impact this decision will have on ordinary Canadians’ lives and livelihoods. It is incredibly disappointing to see our judicial branch working against the best interests of the nation.

“We urge the federal government to explore every avenue possible to get the Trans Mountain expansion back on track, including but not limited to an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court, re-engagement of the consultation process, and potential legislation. This is especially important given that every Canadian citizen is now a shareholder in the Trans Mountain pipeline. We cannot allow this critically important project to di

“This is not about electoral politics. This is just bad for Canadians. Period. Having said that, this decision further proves that the NDP’s idea of punishing Albertans win a carbon tax to buy social license  has been a failure from day.”