United Conservatives Release Results of 2018 Fundraising Efforts

Statement from United Conservative President Erika Barootes

(Edmonton, AB): United Conservative President Erika Barootes has issued a statement following the release of the Party’s 2018 fundraising numbers:

“Over the last year, the United Conservative Party has experienced tremendous growth as more and more Albertans look to us as the credible, common-sense alternative to the NDP. Founded in July 2017, our party has quickly grown to become the largest provincial party in the entire country with over 151,000 members. On the strength of that membership, Alberta’s United Conservatives attracted over 300 people to run in 61 open and democratic nomination votes. Those contests saw over 58,000 Albertans cast ballots for their preferred nomination candidate last year. The number of United Conservative members who participated in the candidate selection process in 2018 far surpasses the total memberships of all other provincial parties in Alberta, combined.

“I am also incredibly proud and humbled by the financial support that United Conservative supporters demonstrated in 2018. On top of $1.4 million generated in membership sales alone, our party was able to raise an incredible $5.7 million in 2018, with $3.9 million of that coming in the 4th quarter alone. This kind of generosity and dedication to our efforts to build Alberta Strong & Free is unprecedented, breaking every political fundraising record in our province’s history.

“As we prepare for the upcoming election, which could be called in as few as 17 days, I’d like to remind our members of the words of our Leader Jason Kenney. Despite our successes to date, we must continue to work hard, stay humble, and earn every vote. People are counting on us to build Alberta Strong & Free. We won’t let them down.”

Background: United Conservatives by the numbers (2018)

151,804: Number of members

61: Open, democratic nomination votes*

300+: People who ran as UCP nomination contestants

58,000+: United Conservative member votes cast in nomination races

$3.9 million: 4th quarter United Conservative fundraising

$5.7 million: 2018 total fundraising

$1.4 million: Membership sales total

*81 total nominations, including non-contested acclamations