United Conservatives Ready, Willing and Able to Finish the Job

There is great strength in unity.

If you need proof of this, just look at last week’s campaign announcements from the United Conservative Party.

In a span of just three days, the UCP launched an eight-point plan to restore public trust on property rights and announced a full repeal of Bill 6.

It was music to the ears of folks across our province, particularly rural residents who have been repeatedly ignored by Alberta’s NDP.

Bill 6 is a perfect example. Three years ago, tens of thousands of farmers, ranchers, and other concerned community members took part in province-wide demonstrations. Their rallying call was as clear: ‘Kill Bill 6.’ The NDP ignored them, and forced this bill through the Legislature. In so doing, the NDP chose to send a message to all of our farm families and rural communities: “You don’t matter.” And, despite using every tool in our legislative toolkit, PC and Wildrose MLAs could do nothing about it.

What a difference three years can make. Thanks to the unity movement and the founding of the United Conservative Party, we have now arrived at a place where we can take the initiative back from the NDP. With real strength of purpose, we can face Alberta’s major challenges and accomplish big things.

We can Kill Bill 6.

We can get rid of the carbon tax.

We can institute electoral recall.

We can balance the budget.

We can bring jobs and investment back to Alberta, particularly to our rural communities that are suffering the most under the NDP’s anti-growth policies.

We can go even further. It was my pleasure to personally roll out the UCP’s property rights plan, last week. It includes a new Alberta Property Rights Protection Act that will entrench in law the right not to be deprived of enjoyment or use of property without due process of law.

The plan has been heartily praised by leading property rights lawyer Keith Wilson, who said, “Property rights and the rule of law are the foundation on which our market economy is built. That foundation was crumbling and the UCP’s plan to restore property rights within the rule of law will bring lasting benefits to our Alberta economy. This is exactly what Alberta needs to help correct the past government legislative and policy decisions.”
A major victory like this never would have been possible three years ago. But thanks to the unity movement, United Conservatives are now positioned to achieve once-in-a-generation accomplishments.

Now it’s time to finish the job, united.

Jason Nixon is the UCP Candidate for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre.