United Conservatives Fight Trudeau Carbon Tax in Court

United Conservatives support Saskatchewan challenge, NDP missing in action

Edmonton, AB – Alberta’s United Conservatives are appearing in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal today, intervening in support of the Government of Saskatchewan’s challenge to the Trudeau Liberal government’s federally imposed carbon tax.

The Trudeau Liberal government is trying to push a carbon tax on provinces, hiking the costly tax to $50/tonne and beyond, with the support of Alberta’s NDP government.

“Two-thirds of Albertans consistently oppose the carbon tax and we will stand up for them while the NDP government stands with their Trudeau Liberal allies,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney.

Alberta’s NDP government has consistently opposed standing against the Trudeau Liberal government’s carbon tax hike. The NDP government’s most recent Fiscal Plan counts on revenues from the Trudeau Liberal carbon tax.

On May 1, 2018, the NDP government defeated a United Conservative motion in the Legislature, calling on Alberta to join with the Government of Saskatchewan in this fight.

Earlier this year, the Trudeau Liberal government unsuccessfully tried to block United Conservative attempts to intervene in this case, while supporting foreign-funded groups like the David Suzuki Foundation seeking to intervene against Saskatchewan.

“We thank Premier Scott Moe and his government for their leadership in standing up for taxpayers and the western Canadian economy,” Kenney said. “Not long ago, Saskatchewan was the only province fighting the Trudeau carbon tax, but helped create today’s growing coalition of provinces against the costly carbon tax grab.”