United Conservatives Fight Carbon Tax in Court of Appeal

EDMONTON, AB (December 10, 2018): Alberta’s United Conservatives welcome a decision from Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal to grant intervenor status in the fight against the Trudeau government’s costly carbon tax.

The United Conservative Party (UCP) applied to support the Government of Saskatchewan’s court challenge against the federally imposed carbon tax. Last week, Justin Trudeau’s government attempted to block the UCP from intervening in the challenge.

“We are pleased to see that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has granted the UCP intervenor status in the carbon tax challenge despite the efforts of Justin Trudeau to block us,” said United Conservative leader Jason Kenney. “We are stepping up to fight for Albertans since the current Alberta Government refuses to do so.”

While provincial governments in other provinces like Ontario and New Brunswick are intervening in support of Saskatchewan’s challenge, Alberta’s Notley NDP government has refused to intervene on behalf of Albertans, preferring to let the Trudeau carbon tax plan stand.

The Trudeau carbon tax would raise Alberta’s already costly carbon tax by an unprecedented 67 per cent, from $30/tonne to $50/tonne and beyond.

The Notley NDP government have made no secret of their support for the federal carbon tax, saying last year that “our carbon price increases will track with the federal legislation that will be in place at that time. We’ve been clear about that from Day 1.”

The latest provincial NDP Budget made clear that they are planning to hike their carbon tax to $50/tonne in tandem with the Trudeau carbon tax.