United Conservatives Celebrated Ukrainian Independence Day

EDMONTON, AB (August 24,2018): United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney has issued the following statement to mark Ukrainian Independence Day:

“Today, millions of people of Ukrainian descent celebrate the day on which Ukraine was declared a sovereign nation 27 years ago.

“Canada’s Ukrainian community will celebrate this day by attending flag raising-ceremonies and other cultural events all across the country.

During my time as Minister of National Defence, I was proud to stand up for the sovereignty of Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s illegal occupation of Crimea by deploying Canadian troops to train the country’s military. I was delighted to receive the Ukrainian Order of Merit in 2016.

“Alberta and it’s people enjoy a deep ties with Ukraine, as many members of this community chose to settle in the West overcoming great adversity in the harshest circumstances possible.

As Leader of the United Conservative Party, I extend my best wishes for a happy Ukrainian Independence Day.

“Slava Ukraini, Slava Canada

Ukrainian flag raising ceremony in Halifax attended by Jason Kenney