United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney Statement on Brian Jean’s Retirement

Edmonton, AB (March 5, 2018): United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney issued the following statement on Brian Jean’s retirement as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta:

On behalf of the United Conservative Party, I’d like to thank Brian for his huge contributions to the conservative movement over the past fourteen years, especially as Leader of the Opposition and MLA.

Today, the conservative movement in Alberta is resurgent, thanks in large part to Brian’s courageous and principled decision to put our province ahead of any political party by pursuing the path of unity. All Alberta Conservatives are deeply grateful to Brian for his leadership, just as all Albertans should be grateful for his public service.

Brian stepped up to the mantle of leadership at a difficult time for his family personally, and distinguished himself as a strong Leader of the Opposition at a key time in Alberta history. His compassionate response and leadership in the face of the Fort McMurray fire of 2016 demonstrated his strength of character.

Following our party’s leadership election, I made it clear to Brian that he is a valued and important member of the Conservative team.  While it is a loss for our caucus that he has decided to return to private life, I understand and respect his personal reasons for doing so. His legacy in public life will endure in the United Conservative Party which he helped to create.

Earlier today, I personally spoke to Brian and wished both him and Kim well in the next chapter of their lives.