Unanimous Approval to Ban Corporate and Union Donations

Bill 1, An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta, was unanimously passed by the Alberta Legislature.
The bill bans corporate and union donations to political parties, efffective June 15, 2015. Only residents of Alberta are permitted to contribute to a candidate, constituency association, political party or leadership contestant.

“Fostering a vibrant, healthy democracy, where all Albertans have a voice, is a priority for me and for our government. The unanimous passing of Bill 1 is an important step forward for our province. It also marks the beginning of a larger process to renew democracy in Alberta, and I am excited about the work ahead.”

~ Rachel Notley, Premier

Premier Notley and the Leader of the Official Opposition, Brian Jean, have proposed a special committee of the Legislature to review other aspects of democratic renewal, including the rules around elections, whistle-blowing and conflict of interest.

The special committee will consider a number of important issues related to the Election Act, including contribution levels.

“Bill 1 ensures that Alberta’s political parties remain focused on Albertans, and gives power back to the people of our province. It is a good day for democracy and, indeed, a great day for the citizens of Alberta.”

~ Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Alberta now joins Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and the federal government in banning corporate and union donations, ensuring that political parties are focused on the interests of citizens, instead of the priorities of wealthy organizations.