UCP Releases New Ad Attacking NDP Carbon Tax

The United Conservatives today launched a new ad campaign targeting the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, the largest tax increase in Alberta’s history. The ad is running for the next 4 weeks and is narrated by Alberta talk-radio icon Dave Rutherford.

“Get ready to pay more taxes. On January 1st the NDP hit Albertans with a 50% hike to their job-killing carbon tax. A tax hike that increases the cost of nearly everything from filling up your gas tank to heating your home, and even the cost of groceries,” says the ad.

“The NDP didn’t even mention their carbon tax during the last election. But Jason Kenney and the United Conservatives will scrap the NDP carbon tax. We will put your money back in your pocket, where it belongs. To join the fight against the NDP carbon tax, please sign the petition at unitedconservative.ca

The radio ad, along with complimenting animations, can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/yb6uncky

During the 2015 provincial election campaign, the NDP misled Albertans about their job-killing carbon tax. Furthermore, the financial tables from the NDP’s campaign platform deliberately omitted billions in projected revenue from their carbon tax, despite announcing the tax just 6 months after being elected.

The United Conservatives have pledged to kill the NDP’s carbon tax as their first act in government, should they be successful in the next provincial election.