UCP Leadership Candidate Jason Kenney Condemns NDP Silence

Calgary, AB  – United Conservative Party leadership candidate Jason Kenney condemned the NDP Government’s silence on the Trudeau Liberals’ tax attack on small business.

“The Liberal Premier of Nova Scotia, along with the Premiers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, have all joined the chorus of entrepreneurs denouncing the Trudeau Liberals small business tax attack. Unfortunately, Alberta’s NDP has been virtually silent on this matter,” said Kenney.

NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci was directly asked by radio show host Ryan Jesperson to take a position on the Trudeau Liberals changes, and he refused (full transcript below).

“As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, this NDP government is more often than not acting as a lapdog for the Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa. Now more than ever, Albertans need a leader to stand up to the Trudeau Liberals continuous and relentless attacks on our great province,” said Kenney.
Radio Show Transcript
JESPERSON: A contender for the leadership of the UCP, Jason Kenney, asserted, I think it was yesterday that Alberta’s NDP supports the federal Liberal government’s changes to small business tax structure. Is that accurate, and if so, why?
CECI: You know, we here in Alberta…our government supported small businesses by reducing the small business tax rate by 33%. So we will continue to help out our world-class small business community succeed. But if anyone is interested in the federal government’s initiative, the federal government is soliciting feedback right now on their proposed changes. And Albertans can take part in that consultation. But again, we have by far the lowest taxes in Canada. No sales tax. No payroll. No health premiums. And we have a large economy…largest economy in the West, and it’s going to get larger as a result of this governments support of our economy.
JESPERSON: I just want to make sure that I understand clearly though: Do you support the federal government’s changes, or not?
CECI: They’re federal government changes. They’re not something necessarily that I or this government was consulted about. So if Albertans don’t support that, they can let the federal government know directly.
JESPERSON: How do you feel about them, though?
CECI: Well in terms of the changes around small business, starting small businesses, and all that sort of thing?
JESPERSON: Ya, I mean, just, you know, they’re taking away a lot of options for entrepreneurs and small business, including income splitting and other things. I mean, I’m sure you’re familiar with them.
CECI: Ya, I’m familiar with some of the sprinkling (?) and…but you know, we need to be cautious around changes to anything right now, because we’re in the midst of a recovery and we don’t want to stall that recovery. The federal government is hearing loud and clear from Canadians, including Albertans, how they feel about their proposed changes.