UCP Demands Apology From NDP Minister, Calls Out Latest NDP Attack on Job Creators

UCP Demands Apology From NDP Minister, Calls Out Latest NDP Attack on Job Creators

EDMONTON, AB: Last week, the NDP announced a new set of job-killing regulations on Alberta’s oil and gas sector, putting thousands of Alberta jobs at risk in the process.

Yesterday, a leaked internal government memo warned the NDP’s incoming emission regulations would put thousands of jobs and billions of investment at risk. This despite the fact that, according to the recent Fraser Global Petroleum Survey, Alberta “continues to languish near the bottom of Canadian jurisdictions in investment attractiveness in the oil and gas sector,” resulting in over $34 billion in lost investment and thousands of job losses.

“In a desperate attempt to hide the truth from Albertans, the NDP is now discrediting the work of its own government experts,” said UCP Opposition Leader Jason Nixon. “If the internal memo they didn’t want us to see is in fact outdated, then the NDP would have no problem sharing the updated figures that informed what appears to be another economically disastrous NDP policy. The fact that they have flat out refused should tell us everything we need to know about the accuracy of this information.”

The NDP’s attack on Alberta’s oil and gas sector continued as Economic Development & Trade Minister Deron Bilous implied that the industry is unethical under questioning by the Opposition in Question Period:.

“I’m going to try to introduce the members opposite to the fact that the world is changing. The world is moving toward more ethical, sustainable ways of extracting and producing our resources.” December 6, 2017,  Alberta Hansard

“It’s bad enough that the NDP is plowing forward with policies that will have devastating consequences for thousands of Albertans, but to imply that Alberta’s energy sector is somehow unethical is a slap in the face to all those employed by the industry and the families they support,” said UCP Energy Critic Prasad Panda. “The Minister should apologize immediately to the hardworking Albertans that he’s insulted with his comments.”