Two Mass Seizures Puts Calgary Humane Society Over Capacity

Calgary, AB — As a result of two mass seizures by Calgary Humane Society Peace Officers in just the last two weeks, the shelter is extremely full, especially with cats and birds.

The first seizure involved 35 cats, while in the second seizure, Peace Officers brought in 27 birds.

This year is expected to be a record breaking year for seizures at Calgary Humane Society which has put the shelter consistently over capacity.

Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations says, “What is unusual about these two recent hoarding situations is the social quality of the animals removed. Typically, a hoard consists of feral and inbred animals with a high degree of medical intervention required. These groups appear to be well adjusted and we expect they will make good house pets once treatable medical issues are resolved. If a potential adopter ever wanted to offer a new loving home to an animal at the core of an animal cruelty investigation, now is a great time to come in. ”

To help create additional space, Calgary Humane Society is offering reduced adoption fees for the month of November on all cats (7 months and older) and select birds.

Specific details regarding these recent seizures cannot be released as charges are pending.