Turner Valley/Black Diamond Water Supply System Awarded

MPE Engineering Ltd. nominated the Turner Valley and Black Diamond Water Supply System, the project following the 2013 flood to integrate the water systems of the two towns, for the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards. Nominations were made in the Water Resources, Energy Production and Sustainable Design categories.

DCIM100GOPROThe Turner Valley and Black Diamond Water Supply System was awarded first place in the Sustainable Design category, and second place in the Water Resources, Energy Production category out of 11 nominees.

We are grateful for all the work MPE Engineering Ltd. put into designing this amazing water system, our partner community, Black Diamond, the provincial government for their support of the project and everyone who worked so hard to get our water system up and running following the 2013 spring flood.

1st – Award of Excellence – Sustainability Design

2nd – Award of Merit – Water Resources & Energy Production

In 2008, the communities of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview and MD of Foothills formed a partnership to integrate their infrastructure into a regional system, by creating a 25-year plan of potable water delivery. The Partners engaged MPE Engineering Ltd. and Urban Systems Ltd. to design and implement the plan; however, the focus drastically changed with the unprecedented “2013 Flood”. Essential services became the priority when major components of the existing water system were destroyed. An emergency fire hose transporting water to Black Diamond from Turner Valley was the first of many emergency measures implemented. So started a story of innovation and municipal cooperation that exemplified true “Partnership”. (Consulting Engineers of Alberta)