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Turner Valley Utility Rates Changing


In late 2019, the Town of Turner Valley conducted a utility rate review with respect to water, sanitary and stormwater servicing.  The Town’s Water and Sewer Services Bylaw 08-950 was originally passed by Council back in June 2008 and has undergone subsequent amendments in 2015, Bylaw 15-1043 Water and Sewer Schedule A Rates (Amending 08-950) and again in 2016, Bylaw 16-1061 Water and Sewer Utility Services (Amending 08-950) SRRUC. and Bylaw 16-1054 Water Utility and Sewer Service (Amending 08-950) Schedule A Rates.   The review was intended to ensure the proper amount in fees is collected to sustain water, sewer, and stormwater services for the long term.  The review included the evaluation of existing rates and assessing the life cycle capital replacement cost of existing infrastructure.

Open House

An Open House was held on September 12th to provide information to residents regarding what goes into establishing utility rates and how we compare against other municipalities  The Open House also provided residents with an opportunity to ask administration and the Town’s consulting engineer questions regarding our existing utility rate structure and proposed methodology.  The presentation boards displayed at the Open House can be found here.

New Utility Rate Bylaw

Following the Utility Rate Review Presentation to Council December 2, 2019, the revised Bylaw received 1st reading.  At the December 16, 2019 Regular Council Meeting, the new Utility Rates Bylaw (19-1098) received final approval.

We have prepared the following information sheet summarizing the changes residents will experience:

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