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Turner Valley Storefront Enhancement Program

The Town of Turner launched the Storefront Enhancement Program (SEP) in May, aimed at improving the appearance of buildings in the downtown area.

The primary objectives of the program are to assist local businesses in updating the appearance of their façade and signage, while also improving the overall look of the area.  In turn, it will help stimulate the economy by encouraging the involvement of local trades during construction.  The intent is to align business and landowners’ ideas with the community’s vision of the downtown.

Business or building owners in the commercially-zoned areas of Main Street and Sunset Blvd may be eligible for a 50% matching grant up to $5,500 to offset costs of exterior work which align with the Turner Valley Downtown Design Guidelines. These include:

  • Repair, replacement or addition of doors, windows, awnings, canopies, cornices, eaves, parapets, and other architectural details;
  • Painting of existing painted surfaces visible from adjacent streets and public walkways;
  • Modifications to improve accessibility;
  • Signage.

The program includes preliminary architectural consultation and design, provided by the municipality through a contracted professional architectural service, at no cost to participants for the initial assessment and design. Please refer to SEP Program Information for more details.

The first call for applications deadline was May 15. This may be extended, depending on interest and available funding.  As funding is limited, projects will be assessed by order of receipt of the application, as well as by rating criteria.  All applicants will be advised whether or not their proposed project is approved within 30 days.  If approved, the funding will be awarded following a visual inspection of the completed project and submission of relevant construction invoices. Eligible business or property owners may indicate interest by completing the SEP Application and submitting to Monique LeBlanc,

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  • Lynette Simpson , May 26, 2017 @ 12:18 pm

    This store front up grade maybe a good idea, if we had any store fronts! Why is it that our COOL LITTLE Town cannot attract new businesses?? What makes this ghost town COOL? As a taxpayer I am disappointed! Lynette Simpson

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