Turner Valley School Welcomes Touring Art Exhibit: Path Makers

Display Dates: May 18 – June 15, 2016

Kimowan Metchewais  Sunrise Ceremony  1992, Silkscreen on paper Collection of Tanya Harnett
Kimowan Metchewais
Sunrise Ceremony
1992, Silkscreen on paper Collection of Tanya Harnett

Path Makers is a touring exhibition developed by the Art Gallery of Alberta for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program. This exhibition is currently circulating throughout the southwest/central parts of Alberta. The AFA Travelling Exhibition Program is financially supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
These pathways are made with a generous spirit. There are others that have walked here before and there will be others to follow. Trace marks evoke feelings unwritten. Absence seems concrete, but the fluid notions of memory, space and time permeate our very being.

This tribute exhibition Path Makers honours the memory of three Albertan First Nations artists that have significantly contributed to the fabric of this national history. These artists are Dale Auger, Joane Cardinal-Schubert and Kimowan Metchewais. All three of these contemporary Aboriginal artists were formal art educators and they extended their gifts to others. The Path Makers exhibition gives only the smallest glance at their vast studio production. The breadth of their studio practice will have to be left as miner’s work for future Canadian art historians.

Memory, space and time are shared with others, but personally imprinted. Our bodies, minds and spirit keep the record. Joane Cardinal-Schubert gave us the lesson to remember history, reminding us to be fully engaged in the present and to foster the future. Kimowan Metchewais shared his colour, gentleness, wisdom and grace, just as full as the lake he loved. The glow of Dale Auger’s paintings emanate out into our world bringing the spirits closer to all of us. These artists will be missed, remembered and celebrated. As an artist, I want to thank them for the life contributions they gave to enrich culture and the lives of others.