Turner Valley School News: Tiger’s Den – What is it?

TV-TigerIn January we started a grade 4-6 Tiger’s Den. Each student in grade 4-6 will be put into a Tiger group (Siberian, Bengal, White, Golden) and have a Den meeting with a teacher (Ms. Klafki, Mrs. Baxter, Ms. Alm and Mr. Ellis with Mr. Holladay floating between each) once a week for 30 minutes. The focus of the time is Character Education and Student Voice. We really felt we wanted to have a formalized time where students can be open about how they feel, ask questions about things regarding the school and a time directed at helping them improve their skills as a person (Character Ed lesson/focus). The time really is about helping instill respect, tolerance and understanding for others and how to interact appropriately in a social/school setting. We have a great atmosphere here at TVS and want to maintain it and also continue to improve it.

The question has come up whether we will do something like this in grades 1-3. The answer to that is we are trying something new, so we will see how it goes at the end of the year. We will see if it is making an impact and is worthwhile for kids and then make a decision going forward. We are excited and so far the kids seem really
into it as we instill in them varying character traits.