Turner Valley School News ~ Mrs. Fredricksen’s Grade 2 Peace Book

In November our Grade 2 class read The Peace Book by Todd Parr. They were then asked to reflect on what made them feel peaceful and happy. They each created one page for a class book. Following are their responses.

Peace is having a family by Jeffrey

Peace is having fun by Hunter

Peace is being free by Jenna

Peace is having someone to play with by Katelyn

Peace is trying on clothes by Erika

Peace is having my baby cousin by Addison

Peace is being kind by Kaleb

Peace is having a family by Wesley

Peace is sharing by Meghan

Peace is getting hugs and kisses from your mom and dad by Isabella

Peace is having a friend by Kalixto

Peace is having an earth by Carter

Peace is being helpful by Cassidy

Peace is sharing with your friends and family by Jordyn

Peace is sharing books by Nolan

Peace is having cousins by Julie

Peace is taking a moment each day to be quiet by Rachel

Peace is having a sister by Connor

Peace is helping others by Ethan