Turner Valley School News: May Adventures

Turner Valley School News: May Adventures

The month of May has arrived with better weather and opportunities for us to enjoy the sunshine. May is a busy time here at Turner Valley School.

If you look at the calendar in this issue you will see that there are many field trips and interesting learning experiences (including some tests) on the horizon this month from the bike rodeo, jump rope for heart to the Grade 5-6 three-day camp to name a few.

We will be hosting a volunteer tea on June 5th from 2:00-3:00pm and look forward to seeing the many volunteers who have enhanced learning and contributed to our wonderful school culture this year. Our volunteers are so amazing and make our school a better place. Also, a big thank you to those volunteers who organized lunch for the staff on ‘teacher appreciation day’, it was amazing.

Finally, as we continue to grow here at Turner Valley School we would like to let you know that we have been granted a second portable building to be added to our school over the summer. It will be placed right beside the last one and should be ready to have a class in it for this September (let’s cross our fingers on that one:). Enjoy the warmer weather.

In Education together, James Holladay Debbie

School Council News:

May is a busy month for our school and the PTA. We just wrapped up our Duck Derby Fundraiser Ticket sales and, unfortunately, fell short of selling our 500 tickets. As a result, it is not too late to get your tickets! If you are interested in purchasing one please contact Linda at 403-803-2249. A huge thank you to the Lions for choosing our school as one of the recipients of the profits! If all tickets sell, it means $2000 towards our school!