Turner Valley School News: March-ing Along

Can you believe March is upon us, the year is flying by and Turner Valley School continues to be a hub of activity for students with many activities on the go.

We held our second round of student-led conferences on March 4 & 5 and will be issuing learner profile reports on March 27. We are committed to keeping parents “in the loop” and hope all parents are able to participate. We also invite parents to contact their student’s teacher at any time to discuss their child’s education if they feel a need.

During the family day week in February, staff engaged in a professional development session at the school level and attended teacher’s convention. The staff at Turner Valley School continues to work with great passion to provide a multitude of possibilities for students at school. We have already witnessed staff trying some of their new learning in the classroom and are excited by the results.

The Grade 6 class finished up a very successful basketball season; they did a great job of improving and sportsmanship. The buzz now moves towards Spring Theater with many practices and preparations. Mark your calendar as April 29th and 30th are the big dates. Also, TVS’s first ‘Carnaval’ was a huge success, what a great way to instill an appreciation for culture and language. We would like to express our appreciation for all the organizers and helpers on that day, and hope to continue the tradition for all Grades 3-6 next year as well.

We are proud to say that we continue the great work on foundational reading skills during our Tigers Reading Improvement Program (TRIP). During PD days staff have time to collaborate together to improve, adjust learning activities and talk about kids and their needs. With this time we continue to see positive results with reading improvement in our school. The time and commitment our staff takes to further developing TRIP continues to see a positive impact with many of our students.

Once again the staff at Turner Valley School would like to recognize the passion and support that the community has extended to our school. Your positive support helps keep Turner Valley School at the center of this community and continually striving to be the best it can be.

Your school admin team,
James Holladay and Chase Ellis