Turner Valley School News: Leighton Centre Reflections

The students of Mrs. Gouin’s Grade 1-2 class visited the Leighton Centre in October. These are some of their reflections.

Leighton Centre - TV School 1My favourite part was the big hill where we got to do echoes. I liked that we got to do painting. I painted a mountain. By Kenneth

I remember that there were antlers. They felt cool. I liked doing the echoing on the hill. I liked painting the landscapes. By Sydney

It was good. There was a table with bones in all shapes and sizes. There was a museum and a person owned it a long time ago. There was a green house that was bigger than my own house. By Erich

In the Leighton Art Center, I liked the notepads that we got to Leighton Centre - TV School 3write in. We got to echo. We went in the greenhouse. By Maddy

When we painted it was awesome! I painted a waterfall and I painted a background of mountains and grass and a waterfall coming down the mountain. It was awesome! By Elijah

There was a lot of cool glass. There was a big, big garden. There were a lot of cool pictures that we could paint. By Hannah L

I liked the painting and the drawing and how we went on a walk. By Hannah B

I liked the Centre because it was cool and different and old. There was a big white tower and the guy that rode the horse lived in that white tower. They had a parrot and they had a big tower and then there was a greenhouse and in the front there was all green plants. By Riley L

Leighton Centre - TV School 4At the Leighton Center, my favourite part was the echoes and the green room. I also liked Leighton’s house. By Walker

We did lots of pictures. We went out for a walk. We did echoes. We went to a little building where people could paint. I liked being on the bus. By Chelsea

There was a forest that I liked. And I liked to play in it. I liked when I played inside. By Lilyahna

I liked when we went to Echo falls and when we saw the reindeer and elk and moose horns. We went to the museum and painted. I liked when we coloured on sand paper and that my dad got to come. When we had recess we got to run around the woods. We got to stay for the whole day and have lunch there. By Rachael

Leighton Centre - TV SchoolI liked seeing all the stuff. The fields to walk around, the picture that we did, and that’s all. By Leila

At the Leighton Center we did art. I liked doing echoes and we played outside. It was really fun. I liked the antlers, I liked the hike and the house and painting. By Oliver

When I went to the Leighton Center, my favorite part was the pictures because Mr. Leighton painted them and they all told very, very good stories. We went on the 15th. There was one picture that all of us listened because this girl told us a story about it and it was a very good story. The colours were dark but it still made me excited because of the colours. There was another picture that looked like Mr. Leighton was painting when he was on a plane. All paintings have stories, some tell exciting stories and some tell sad stories. When you look at a painting, you can sometimes tell. One of my favourite things was they showed us his chair and there was pictures of him painting in his chair. By Allison

I liked the Leighton Center. It was fun when we did echoes. By Kayel

We went to the Leighton Center and we got to see antlers. We went to a house and we went into the greenhouse and we saw a disco bull and we used our artist pencil. It was fun when we went to the hill and did echoes. We got to colour wax paper and at the end of the day, we got a picture of mountains and a river. We had a lot of fun and after lunch we got to play outside. By Eden

The Leighton Center is fun for kids to learn arts. You learn art at the Leighton Center. It was fun when we did echoes. By Victoria