Turner Valley School News: Lego in the Library


TV - Lego ClubSpring Cleaning? Downsizing Your Toy Box? Looking for a good home for your Lego? Turner Valley School Library is looking for Lego Donations for our Lego Club.

Our new noon hour Lego Club in the Library Learning Commons has attracted a huge following of students and could use some Lego donations to build up our collection!

Toys in the Library?

TV - Lego Club 1What’s the connection between Legos and books, you ask?

“Promoting play contributes to early literacy development by increasing attention span, memory, creativity, and language and vocabulary skills. It also lays the foundation for logical mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving—things they’ll carry with them throughout their school years, says “Play = Learning,” a recent study by Dorothy Singer, a senior research scientist at Yale University’s Department of Psychology and Child Study Center.” By Abbe Klebanoff on July 1, 2009 School Library Journal

If you would like more information or wish to donate to the Lego Club please contact Carol Webb in the Turner Valley School Library learning commons.