Turner Valley School News: Alberta Authors Visit Sheep River Library

October brings Canadian Library Month. For the last three years Sheep River Library has joined the celebration of Library Month with author visits for elementary school students, and this year is no exception. Turner Valley School and C.I. McLaren students have been invited once again to sit by the fireside for fun and informative talks given by a variety of Alberta authors and illustrators.

On October 6th the Grades 2 and 3 classes enjoyed a visit with Georgia Graham.  Ms Graham is an artist and author from Calgary who wrote “Cub’s Journey Home”, “Nana’s Getting Married” and “Where Wild Horses Run” among other wonderfully illustrated books. Diana Mae Robinson visited with the Grade 3 and 4 classes on October 16th.  Ms Robinson lives in St Paul, Alberta and writes and illustrates her wonderful fantasy stories of dragons and other magical creatures. Some of her books include “Sir Princess Petra” and “Sir Princess Petra’s Talent”.

On October 22nd the Grade 5 and 6 classes will enjoy an afternoon with Gail de Vos. Ms de Vos is from Seba Beach, Alberta and is a professional storyteller. She has written a number of books on the subject and holds her audience captive! Carolyn Fisher will be visiting with the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes on October 28th. Ms Fisher is from Calgary and is a talented illustrator. Her books include “Weeds Find a Way”, “The Snow Show” and “Two Old Potatoes and Me” (which was featured on the PBS children’s show The Reading Rainbow).